Practice Areas


The Company provides litigation support services, primarily in the form of an expert witness. Clients have included some of the most respected law firms in the country. The Company has expertise in intellectual property, addressing cases from the new-media and technology sectors. It has worked with a number of national industry associations and large entertainment corporations. The Company also has worked on a number of class action lawsuits related to the insurance industry, addressing both the certification and damages stages of the case.


The Company operates in three areas: quantitative trading strategies, econometric modeling for valuation, and predictive modeling for risk assessment.


The Company works with clients from radio, television, internet and consumer trade shows. Projects have included marketing mix models, ratings modeling, and recommendation engines for a number of Internet properties.

Market Research

AnaBus has undertaken hundreds of market research projects. Many of these have included primary data collection through its fully customizable Internet survey platform. Engagements have included pricing, positioning, product launch tracking, and database marketing projects.

Executive Education

Drawing from 20 years of relevant teaching and training experience, AnaBus can help increase the basic skill levels of your team and introduce the latest innovations to your company. Whatever your precise needs may be, the Company is able to custom design an in-house course tailored to meet them.