About Us

Company History

Analytic Business Services (AnaBus) was founded in 1999 primarily to undertake quantitative consulting engagements. Two of the founders have academic backgrounds: Richard Waterman from the Wharton School and Professor Don Rubin from Harvard. The third founder, Scott Nass received his MBA from Wharton and at the time held a position in pharmaceutical marketing management.

The goal of the Company has always been to tackle challenging problems with a creative and innovative approach, mixing in-depth business experience with the latest research breakthroughs.

Through the use of a large network of partners and collaborators, AnaBus is able to successfully tackle projects that require national-scale implementation strategies and capabilities as well as complex information technology and analytics projects. These can range from the analysis of terabyte-size databases to writing source code for custom analytics and tailored reporting solutions.

AnaBus is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, making travel easy for its clients, many of which are located in the New York and Washington areas.