Methodology Areas

Predictive Modeling

Predictive models are ubiquitous in modern business analytics. They are applied in areas as diverse as credit scoring models in finance, recommendation engines for internet retailers, and targeting for consumer products companies. However, without significant subject-area knowledge they rarely fulfill their potential. Critical insights such as the identification of "synthetic variables" and key interactions are typically only identified through a close collaboration between client and consultant.

Econometric and Forecasting Models

These models are often relevant to the analysis of finance-related data. Complex time series and non-stationary structures are frequently present and need appropriate methodological treatment to ensure reliable forecasts and recommendations.

Experimental Design

Placing thought in the design of the data collection effort is rewarded with a more efficient and cost effective result. A carefully designed study can achieve the same results as a standard one, but at the same time offer considerable savings. Experimental design is important in areas that range from a conjoint analysis in a market research project to the implementation of a test-and-learn environment in an adaptive web platform.

Survey Sampling

A badly-designed survey may result in an unnecessarily complicated analysis at best and to a complete waste of resources at worst. Clusters, strata, and cohorts are the lingua franca of this subject area. National scale, multistage sample surveys present a unique challenge, from both an implementation and methodology perspective. Yet, this is an area where the Company has considerable expertise and will partner with you to develop a feasible and efficient sampling plan. The Company has designed numerous surveys, many of which have been subject to and withstood the extreme rigors of regulatory and legal proceedings.

Questionnaire Design

Getting the right questions in front of your customers is the key to actionable information. With 20 years of experience in designing questionnaires, the Company will develop with you an efficient and relevant data-collection instrument. Whether the focus is customer satisfaction, product awareness, or pricing sensitivity, the Company can partner with you to design the right questionnaire for the job.